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Welcome to the Baze Canadian Pharmacy, a place for savings, and high-quality pharmaceutical care! More about our delivery services, you may learn at this page. For all the other inquiries regarding all our existing branches, and the assortment of medications, do contact our customer support.

Why Choose Baze Canadian Pharmacy?

Every year, millions of people are hospitalized or dies due to medication errors. Every day, countless caretakers or patients are uncertain about the medicine that they are administering or taking. Every second, medicine is being handed out in pharmacies without personalized and professional guidance to the patient. It does not have to be like that! Reinventing pharmacy Our purpose is to reinvent the pharmacy to address the above challenges through digitalization and an intense focus on the safety and needs of the consumer. The pharmacy has unique role as the trusted place for prevention, relief, and treatment. This is a privileged role, but it also comes with a responsibility to evolve, take advantage of technological development and changing consumer demands to take an active role in delivering better healthcare. We believe that a pharmacy should be updated on all relevant information about medicine and other pharmacy products, be able to offer the same high quality customer interaction every time and be as personal, precise, and relevant as possible for every interaction with a customer. Digitalized data We have digitalized available data about all medicine and through our pharmacy platform enabled pharmacists to continuously augment and update relevant knowledge and create personalized guidance for each pharmacy customer. Our pharmacy platform does exactly that – from the initial selection of a product, including all Rx medicine available on the market, full transparency into relevant reimbursements, insurance claims etc. to receiving the medicine with lightening speed, including a personalized letter with relevant guidance specific to the order.

Taking into consideration the current harsh times, we decided to become the spot that won’t bind people to reluctant uplifted prices for pharmaceutical care. We took the measures to adapt to the current world situation and provide people with the sought-after categories of medications including antibiotics. Everything comes at affordable rates, and, most importantly, with the highest quality.

Baze Canadian Pharmacy by now complies with all the pharmaceutical protocols for quality checkups. In terms of our assortment, our main focus is on generics. Counterparts of the brand medications but that do not come with exorbitant price tags. It helps us to be accessible to various paying capacities, and patients who may occasionally need specialized treatment.

We first started as a compounding care pharmacy where we could help people access first-line modalities but without certain ingredients. Today, generics can help one manage their health condition the same way but without paying a lot. All the medications you order or receive with us come from reliable manufacturers. Everything is powered by supporting documents, and won’t ever make you experience any kind of counterfeit. We are looking forward to helping you with your pharma needs.

Reliable service
The beneficial loyalty program for steady users
Qualified Support
The support of experienced pharmacists
Flexible pricing
The prices that are up to 90% lower than at local pharmacies
Wide Assortment
The premium-quality generic medications for treating the whole range of health problems

What You Need to Know About Generic Medications

If you cannot decide on the best medication to go for either brand or generic one, let us figure it out for you in brief. Generics are modalities with the same routes of application, performance characteristics, strengths, and dosages. Compared to their brand analogues (Viagra or Cialis), the two demonstrate the same bioequivalence. In simple terms, they work the same way and provide similar effects for one or another health condition or well-being. Yet, generics may come from other manufacturers, and be packed in another labelling. Brand drugs undergo lengthy research, and trials to be launched on the market. While generic manufacturers normally base the effectiveness on that research, however, with some conducted checkups as well.

Another major difference is the prices. It especially concerns Canada. Over the last decade, provincial and pCPA generic pricing policies have significantly reduced generic prices in Canada, gradually closing the gap with international levels. Generic prices in Canada have fallen more than in comparable countries, with even greater drops for some of the most commonly used medications. It allowed Canada to become a spot for affordable generic shopping.